What Do Firefighters Do Daily?

What do firefighters do when they are not actively fighting fires? 

Do firefighters sit around and wait all day for fires to break out? Actually, no! Since cities and buildings are not always raging infernos, firefighters fill their time with other related tasks. There are fewer fires than ever thanks to improved technology and more public knowledge around fire safety. Firefighting is and remains the critical part of the job, but other tasks do firefighters tend to? 

Responding to medical emergencies  

Firefighters may be trained and qualified paramedics, and sometimes calls come in regarding medical emergencies. In addition, many modern fire stations are equipped with ambulances to take care of medical emergency transport. 

They offer fire station tours  

The fire station typically allows public members, both adults, and children, to come into the fire station and have a tour. Firefighters act as guides and offer the people guided tours, since they cannot do it unsupervised. Fire station tours serve an educational purpose and could inspire people to venture into similar careers. 

In some cases, the visitors can be allowed to use some of the equipment, get on board a fire engine and see how the gears work. They might also be able to try on some of the safety protective equipment.  

They offer firefighting training and education  

Learning is a continuous process for firefighters. Firefighters periodically take training courses to enhance their knowledge in their craft. It’s important to stay updated with various changes with new equipment and continuously improving policies. There is always a classroom session or a training drill, and many opportunities for the firefighters to do personal studies. 

Respond to other calls  

It is common for fire stations to receive calls that are not fire-related or medical emergencies. Car accidents, gas leaks, harmful materials leaks, and police assistance – Firefighters can offer assistance for many different incidents. 

Public safety demonstration and education 

Firefighters carry out various activities with the public to help them be knowledgeable about fire safety. Through public outreach, individuals are educated on safely putting-out fires and fire safety in all varieties.  

Paper Work  

Everything has to be documented. A report is usually prepared for the incoming shift to pass on information from the previous shift. Every incident is recorded to track improvement and have their records in place as evidence to the insurers. 

Physical fitness  

Firefighters are required to maintain physical fitness to perform their duties. Firefighters have workout programs to help them build strength and endurance. Since their job can be stressful, the firefighters can also use exercise to relax and reduce the symptoms associated with depression, stress, and anxiety. 

Check firefighting equipment and do vehicle maintenance 

Firefighters and fire engines have more equipment than you probably realize. As a result, they have to do regular checks to ensure the trucks and personal protective equipment is in good working condition. They also have to keep an updated inventory. The equipment, fire engines, and other vehicles are checked daily to ensure they are properly stocked and functioning so they can work fast during emergencies. Every member of the crew is assigned to help with the daily routine cleaning of the fire station. 


Firefighters stay pretty busy throughout their day and have very little or no downtime. Every day has a detailed schedule which can sometimes be interrupted when responding to emergencies and non-emergencies alike.  

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